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  1. Miriam Leitner
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  1. Dirk John
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Our dearest thanks go to

  • all the women who were brave and curious enough to talk and open up to us. Who shared stories of their lives and thoughts and were also interested in our lives and thoughts. We learned so much from you. Thank you!
  • our husbands and children who often missed us during dinner or on the weekends, because mum had gone to do an interview.
  • Monika from for the design and layout. Your creativity never ceased to inspire us. Thank you so much. Special thanks for your patience with us.
  • Ching, Jing, Yoyo and Ashley, who were translating for us during the interviews with the Chinese-speaking women. Thanks for spending that much time helping us.
  • Jill for patiently correcting and Michaela from for editing our English texts. Your work is highly appreciated, thanks!
  • Jiang Hao for translating everything into Chinese.
  • Mike for helping us editing the pictures.
  • Dirk for setting up
  • everybody who passed on contacts of interesting women in Beijing to us. There are so many of you. Thank you for your help, and for the enthusiasm for this project.
  • Dorothea for her support and valuable network.
  • Robert-Bosch-Stiftung and Literarisches Colloquium Berlin for granting us a scholarship, so that we can do more research and interviews.
  • and last but not least to the wonderful team at Café Zarah.
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